Weekend Project: Make Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Sparkle

October 28, 2010

in Home Maintenance

Kitchen sinks take such a beating everyday—all those dirty dishes, pots and pans, and rinsing of who-knows-what by every member of your family, all day long, can take its toll. And even with all the cursory rinses and sponge downs you probably do on a daily basis, over time, despite the fact that it’s called “stainless” you’ll probably start to notice all kinds of little spots and scratches that won’t just wash away. So it’s a good idea to give yours some love every now and then, and it’s easy, too—no fancy (or expensive) cleaning tools or agents needed. In fact, chances are, you’ve already got everything you need to get the job done in your pantry. [Read this article]

Source: shine.yahoo.com

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