Lennar home in Minnesota winter weatherWhile you can’t change the weather, you can minimize some of winter’s biggest threats to your home. Heavy snow accumulation can pose a threat to your home or business — both as it builds up and as it melts. Ice dams can cause water damage on both the exterior and interior of your home. Bursting pipes occur when frozen water causes a pressure buildup between the ice blockage and the closed faucet. This situation can occur quite easily in extreme cold. The winter home protection tips in this article cover what to do in case of any of these three situations. [Read this article]

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To understand why a sprinkler system should be winterized (or blown out, or shut down, or however you have come to call it), you need to understand how a sprinkler system works. Sprinkler systems consist of a controller, valves, wiring, sprinkler heads, connective plumbing and underground pipes. When the system is active, the water flows from the house through the connective plumbing into the underground pipes and valves, and eventually comes out through the sprinkler heads. Even when the system is turned off at the controller, water sits in the pipes, and also in the valves and heads, especially if they are at low points in the lawn, unless you blow it out with compressed air. [Read this article]

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Dimmer switch in a Lennar homeAnother of the main components in your new Lennar home is the electrical system. Electricity is such a huge part of our lives these days that it’s hard to imagine life without it. However, there are precautions to be taken when dealing with electricity, as well as a great deal of other information we wanted to share with you.

We have created the Lennar Home Care Video as a resource to provide tips on how to maintain and care for your home. This section of the video covers electrical topics including: general safety information, circuit breakers, GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), switched outlets, smoke and CO detectors and pre-wiring. Click here to view this 8 minute video to learn more about these topics.

As always, if you need help or have a question about your home, please contact our Lennar Customer Care Team for assistance.


Family room in a Lennar home in Southeast FloridaDecorating isn’t just about finding the right furniture or choosing the best lighting. It is also a careful process of comparing textures, patterns, and colors to create a unique, but attractive look. With a variety of options available to any homeowner, it can easily become overwhelming to know what goes well together and what really should be separated by walls. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts to approach this subtle yet vital step in transforming a space. [Read this article]

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How to Clean Windows: Tips for Washing Windows & More

September 16, 2014

It seems that most people love a home with a lot of windows–windows where they can see outside into nature. Sometimes, those windows get so dirty from the wind, rain and dust particles that fly around that it seems like you’re looking through a filter instead of a window. There are plenty of suggestions for […]

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How to Organize Your Garage

September 11, 2014

Whether you can’t fit your car in the garage or you can’t find your car in the garage, either of these can cause problems. Garages seem to be a holding room for anything and everything that doesn’t have a place inside our homes. From tools to toys and everything in between, clutter in your garage […]

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Ceiling Fan Blades Wobble: How to Repair

September 4, 2014

Ceiling fan blades can wobble if not installed properly or if they’ve loosened over time, but it is an easy do it yourself project that requires few tools and a bit of time. There are several causes and fixes for blade wobble and a little trouble shooting is in order to do this repair. This […]

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Cleaning Tricks for Appliances

September 2, 2014

Cleaning the appliances in your Lennar home may be the furthest thing from your mind when you first move in, but considering the replacement cost for these items, it is a good idea to incorporate their care into your regular cleaning routine. With a bit of extra attention, you can help extend the life of […]

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