Create A Household Storage Plan

July 29, 2010

in Organizing

Happy couple in the kitchen of their Lennar homeCreating a household storage plan is a great way to get your entire home organized using a blueprint of sorts as a starting point.

Squeezed by the storage shuffle, many home managers yearn for larger quarters.  A bigger house is not the answer.  Stored stuff has an amazing bread-dough quality–it rises to fill the space available, and then makes a sticky mess as it slops over the sides of the container.  No matter how many closets, cupboards or square feet of attic space, surplus stuff will find a way to take over while your back is turned.

The answer? A household storage plan.  Yes, it will take some work, but the principles involved are as easy as ABC: Assess, Box and Banish, and Corral and Control.  Using these simple principles, Cynthia Ewer, editor of Organized Home brings us this easy-to-follow article to ensure your organizational success! [Read this article]


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