Maintaining Your Faucets

May 15, 2014

in Home Maintenance

Sink at a beautiful Lennar Seattle homeTaking care of the faucets in your new Lennar home should be part of your regular maintenance routine. You should plan to inspect and clean your faucet aerators on a quarterly basis.

Keep in mind that normal wear and tear will take its toll on the faucet’s water pressure. This is because over time, sediment buildup may occur on your faucet’s aerator screen – a device that looks like a small filter. Its job is to add air to the water as it leaves the faucet, conserving water and keeping it from spraying.

Before you start working on your faucets, make sure to plug the sink to prevent any parts from being washed down the drain.

To remove any debris that may be blocking your faucet aerator; unscrew the aerator from the mouth of the faucet, paying attention to the order of the parts as you take the aerator apart. Some types of faucets may require a special tool to disassemble the aerator. Clean the aerator screen by rinsing it with cool water, then reassemble the faucet to its original form.

A leaky faucet is another issue that you may encounter. This often occurs due to the strain placed on the faucet’s washer – a small rubber or plastic ring located inside the fixture, near the faucet’s mouth. If you notice a leaky faucet, you should shut off the water supply to that faucet using its individual shutoff valve. Next, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the type of washer needed, as well as directions for installation.

Finally, you can help keep your faucets looking new for years to come by wiping them dry after each use, especially if they have been sprayed with water. Minerals from the water may cause spotting on your faucets if left to air dry. And remember, you should only use the manufacturer’s recommended products for cleaning.

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