12 Wacky Painting Tools You Never Thought You’d Need

October 20, 2010

in Home Maintenance

Amateurs have been picking up paint brushes and reinventing their rooms since before “DIY” gained acronym status. And why not? Painting (specifically interior painting) offers a huge aesthetic payoff while saving you a buck: According to Gene and Katie Hamilton, the home-improvement experts at Do-It-Yourself or Not, it costs on average about $240 to hire a pro to prep and paint a 12 x 14-ft room, compared to $90 if you go it alone. So take the money you saved by skipping the pro and splurge on a few of the dozen tools shown here. They’re fun, unusual and by no means essential—but, admit it, new tools are the reason you got into this whole DIY thing in the first place. [Read this article]

Source: www.popularmechanics.com

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