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Home Maintenance

Hurricane Shutters

May 13, 2014

In certain areas of the country, hurricanes pose a serious threat to homes and communities. While we cannot protect against all damage, the proper use of hurricane shutters can help minimize damage to your property. By protecting your windows, you can help prevent additional problems such as interior water and wind damage, as well as […]

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Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

May 8, 2014

Your new Lennar home includes many of the conveniences of modern living. The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is one of these useful features. The garbage disposal is not meant for disposing of large amounts of leftover food, especially items like potato peels or eggshells. Large bones and fibrous materials can also damage the […]

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Spring Into Gardening Season

April 17, 2014

April is flying by and before we know it, the blooms that come with the sun will be on display. It’s time to get your green thumb out and make sure you are ready to spring into gardening season. Even if you have already started your springtime routine, this article shares 5 frugal ways to […]

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Maintaining Your AC Unit

April 15, 2014

Maintaining your AC unit is an essential part of homeowner maintenance. It’s easy to take your air conditioner for granted… until it stops working on a miserably hot day. If possible, have an air conditioning contractor inspect your unit before you start using it each summer. Regular maintenance will not only help spot potential problems, […]

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Space Planning for Your Landscape

April 8, 2014

After you decide the form composition of the yard, it’s time to focus on space planning for your landscape (the spatial composition). Spatial composition is how trees, shrubs, low-growing plants, hardscapes, built structures, and turf combine to form the walls, floors and ceilings of an outdoor room and influence how a landscape looks and feels. […]

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How to Clean Refrigerator Doors

April 3, 2014

If you are wondering how to clean refrigerator doors, this article should help. Cleaning a refrigerator door in the 21st century will vary greatly across households because of the vast selection of colors and finishes. The Riedel Marketing Group published its HomeTrend Influentials Panel (HIPsters) report in 2006 stating that stainless steel was the finish […]

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Deck Cleaning, Repairs and Reseal

April 1, 2014

Deck cleaning, repairs and resealing are home maintenance items that are important to do in order to extend the life of your outdoor living space. The inevitable is bound to happen – your wooden deck will age. The good news is that you can determine how gracefully it ages. With a little elbow grease you […]

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How To Remove Sticker Residue

March 25, 2014

Sticker residue is one of those little annoyances that follow us around more often than we’d like and can really cause some aggravation. Peeling off a label from a newly purchased item you are excited to use only to have this ugly sticker residue ruining the excitement? Peeling labels off of jars in order to […]

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